As you know by now, because your overall health and safety is our utmost priority, we are closely following every safety and infection control procedure recommended by the ADA and CDC. However, going way beyond these recommendations, in July we installed 2 Jade Surgically Clean Air Filtration Systems. Our office size would require only one Jade unit to kill viruses and bacteria 6 times an hour, but we are so committed to you that we have installed 2 units, one in front of each dental chair. You can be assured that our air is always the safest because we leave the systems on 24/7.

The Jade is patented and industry-leading and is the only air purification system that incorporates 6 different technologies which include, Hydroxl, UV and electronic cell catalytics, and Hepa-RX. The Jade is measured and peer-reviewed to eliminate viruses less than 0.1 microns (the corona virus is measured at .125 microns) and is tested globally with over 70,000 units installed worldwide.

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With our warmest wishes for your health and safety, we look forward to seeing you soon and continuing to keep you as healthy as possible.

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Epic Laser Dentistry in Princeton, New Jersey

The Epic Dentistry Advantage

At Princeton Prosthodontics, Dr. Michael Cortese relies on the best technology to deliver optimal dental care to each patient. Epic Dentistry is a recent addition to our advanced suite of tools that provides several advantages for you and your family’s next appointment. This unique laser dentistry system combines focused light and thermal energy, enabling a highly precise and exceptionally comfortable treatment experience.

With Epic Dentistry, Dr. Cortese can treat a number of dental health issues with greater accuracy and significantly less discomfort. Read on to learn when Epic Dentistry might be used to serve you and why the benefits are so revolutionary.

Benefits of Epic Dentistry

Treatments completed with Epic Dentistry have several unique benefits when compared to traditional dental care methods. Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced Precision—Laser dentistry allows for pinpoint precision, eliminating risk from your procedure and helping ensure optimal outcomes.

Increased Comfort—Care with Epic Dentistry is less painful than the alternatives, requiring little to no anesthetic for most procedures.Treatment sites bleed less and heal faster, causing less postoperative discomfort.

Speed & Convenience—More treatments are able to be completed in a single appointment and with fewer steps thanks to the Epic Dentistry system. Get out of the dental chair faster thanks to rapid care with laser dentistry.

Applications for Epic Dentistry

Epic Dentistry is a gentler, more precise method for procedures involving the soft tissue of the gums and mouth. It can be applied to treat conditions including:

Periodontal Disease—The Epic Dentistry laser can be used to remove harmful bacteria from between the gums and teeth without the discomfort of metal tools. This helps promote natural healing and reverse the early stages of periodontal disease.

Oral Lesions—With Epic Dentistry, painful canker sores and lesions can be treated quickly and directly. These procedures can address lesions on the lips, gums, inner cheeks, and tongue to provide almost instantaneous relief from pain and allow for a rapid recovery.

Oral Surgery—While oral surgery can be necessary, the traditional scalpel and stitches may not be. Surgeries completed with the Epic Dentistry laser are less painful, require less anesthetic, and heal faster than sutured wounds.

Pain Relief—Epic Dentistry can be used as a therapeutic tool to temporarily increase your blood circulation and relax muscles. With a five to ten minute treatment, Epic Dentistry can relieve oral pain and discomfort.

Teeth Whitening—There are cosmetic applications for Epic Dentistry, too! With laser whitening, you could have dramatically whiter teeth after a single short appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Epic laser dentistry safe?

Epic dentistry is completely safe thanks to our expert staff. Our Epic laser is more accurate and efficient than traditional tools and is less likely to give you pain and discomfort. Unlike traditional tools, your teeth and gums will heal faster due to the accuracy of this technology.

Is Epic laser painful?

No, the Epic laser is virtually painless and actually eliminates a significant amount of pain from procedures. Unlike local anesthesia, you can go back to your daily activities right after your procedure. You’re also less likely to experience any sensitivity or discomfort with your mouth after receiving treatment.

Do I need local anesthesia with Epic laser?

Whatever the procedure you choose to undergo, such as teeth whitening or periodontal care, it doesn’t require local anesthesia when using Epic laser. The Epic laser is gentler and makes dental procedures all the easier due to its accuracy. This technology also eliminates the discomfort of traditional tools.

Experience Painless and Quick Dental Visit

Dr. Cortese strives to deliver the best treatment solutions for his patients. With Epic Dentistry, Dr. Cortese and our Princeton team can achieve that goal. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cortese, contact our Princeton office by calling us at (609) 552-0800. You can also fill out our online contact form so that one of our staff members can assist you.

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Dr. Michael Cortese is a leading and highly sought-after Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. He one of only 350 accredited Maxillofacial Prosthodontists worldwide. Having completed his education at the University of Notre Dame and Farleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry, he received his Certificate in Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Dental Oncology from the University of Texas Health Science Center M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute. He has over three and a half decades of experience and constantly focuses on ensuring that patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Cortese takes pride in providing his patients with customized treatments using modern equipment and techniques. He sincerely believes in thoroughly understanding your concerns and requirements to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the course of any treatment or procedure.