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Dentist in Princeton, NJ discusses advantages of porcelain teeth caps

Porcelain Teeth Caps in Princeton NJ area

Do you have a tooth that has been damaged or decayed? If so, a porcelain dental cap, also called a crown, may be the solution you’ve been looking for. A cap, or crown, is a cover which your dentist can place over your tooth to strengthen and protect it. They also provide a cosmetic solution due to their ability to be individually shaped and shaded to match surrounding teeth. Dr. Michael Cortese D.M.D. is a maxillofacial prosthodontist who offers porcelain teeth caps to patients in Princeton NJ and would love to share more info with you about how porcelain crowns may work for you.

The world of dental crowns consists of three different types. All are designed to replace damaged or decayed teeth, but many patients (as well as dental professionals) feel that porcelain crowns hold many advantages over the available alternatives. Let’s discuss those first.

Types of Dental Crowns 

  • Porcelain Crowns have the advantage of being both strong and visually appealing. They are a practical option for your hardworking molars which can be shaped and shaded to match your surrounding natural teeth. Many people will not even be able to realize you have a porcelain crown.
  • Metal Crowns are prefabricated and made of stainless steel. In modern dentistry, these are often used as a temporary solution or put into place near the very back of your mouth over rear molars. They are often made of metallic alloys (gold and silver).
  • Resin Crowns are not used as often for crowns due to their tendency to not holding up to the stress and wear that other stronger options can withstand. Due to this, they chip or break easier than porcelain or metal crowns, although they are less expensive in many cases.
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Pros of Porcelain

Now that you are aware of the options, let’s talk about why porcelain crowns are considered the best option on the market. Let’s focus in on three reasons many people choose this option over any other available.

  • Matching Shape – Porcelain is a type of ceramic which is used to create a cover, or jacket, for the remaining visible portion of your tooth structure. The porcelain can be shaped to match the appearance of your natural teeth. Porcelain is aesthetically pleasing and a time-efficient method for restoring the functionality and beauty of your teeth. Porcelain is especially recommended when working with front teeth but is also strong enough for larger molars.
  • Indistinguishable – When you receive a porcelain crown, only those you tell will ever know due to porcelain’s ability to mimic the translucence and tone of natural dental enamel. Many of us are highly concerned with the appearance of our smile and, with porcelain, we need not worry. Porcelain can be shaded to match the tint of your surrounding teeth while also matching the smoothness and luster.
  • Biocompatible – Porcelain will not cause any sort of allergic reactions or gum irritation in patients due to it being a biocompatible material. Once your porcelain crown has been fitted and placed, after some very initial adjustment time, you won’t even realize it is there. Porcelain is what is called a singular substance, meaning it’s the same single material throughout the crown, unlike metal alloys.

Caring for your porcelain crown requires no additional care other than what you would apply to your natural remaining teeth. To properly care for your crown, you need only to follow appropriate brushing, flossing and rinsing habits. As with any other tooth in your mouth, you need to report any pain or discomfort you feel so it can be investigated. For more information on porcelain dental crowns, give Dr. Michael Cortese D.M.D. a call at (609) 552-0800 today to schedule a consultation.

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